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On here our workshop page we'll show you some of the methods we both use to make our sticks from  ram's & buffalo horn, antler & various woods.

Here are a few pictures of us in the work shop

You can look at how Dennis bulks horns with his bulking blocks here. This is a ram's horn, once off the sheep it's seasoned for 12 months. some are so curly they have to be straightened first, then he can get them into the bulking blocks, starting at 1 & 1/2 inch, down to 1/2 an inch.  Then on to forming the handle, starting at the heal. working all the way around until the handle is formed.

Scroll through the pictures to see how he does it.

Thanks for looking


This is a Race Horse I have Carved from the two pictures you will see at the end of the picture scrolling by.

If you click on the first image you can enlarge it then look through them all, I have added what I am doing in each of the pictures.

Thanks for looking


New images of crooks and sticks will be added on to the end of each page as time goes on, 

Thank you for your patience. Dennis and Linda

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