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Fancy Sheep horn

Carved Salmon Wading pole
Carved salmon wading pole

Carved salmon wading pole 

Eye for Clipping on Lanyard

Eye for clipping on Lanyard

Buffalo horn spacer

buffalo & horn spacers

Carved brown trout in sheep horn
Market stick with carved brown trout
Carved brown trout

Market stick carved into a brown trout

Market stick with a brown trout carved from the horn

Fishing fly carved in relief on the horn collar, all from one piece of horn

Shepherds crook with carved herdwick and collie

Shepherds crook  

Carved herdwick ram

 carved herdwick ram

Market stick in jacob sheephorn with carved thistle on nose.

Market stick in jacob horn, with scroll & thistle

Running Collie on Market stick
Close up of Collie

Market stick with running collie

Grouse on bed of heather, Crook
Collie on the nose
Herdwick ram and collie

and collie on nose

Carved collie with running ducks carved in relief

Market stick carved with running ducks on crown & collie on nose

Collie lying down
Collie lying down with silver/nickel collar

Market stick with collie lying down

& silver/nickel collar

Grouse on heather crook

Collie lying down with wording carved into handle

  Name's of people,

Farm name


Carved pheasant on Market stick
Showing the pheasant

Carved full pheasant on a market stick 

Flock name
Runnig fox carved in relief

  Running fox carved in relief          

 or flock's can be carved into your stick

Carved half head pheasant on a market stick 

New images of crooks and sticks will be added on to the end of each page as time goes on, 

Thank you for your patience. Dennis and Linda

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